How to fix Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows

Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows

How to fix Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows?


Are you a Windows user who loves to stream music on Spotify? Have you ever encountered the dreaded error code Auth 74 that prevents you from accessing your favorite tracks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This pesky error can be caused by various factors, including firewall settings and network issues. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows step-by-step. So sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

What is Spotify Error code Auth 74?

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. It provides users with access to millions of songs, podcasts and other audio content at their fingertips. However, sometimes things can go wrong while using Spotify and you may encounter an error code Auth 74.

Spotify Error code Auth 74 is a common error that occurs when there’s an issue with your login credentials or network settings. When this happens, you won’t be able to log into your Spotify account or access any of its features until the issue is resolved.

The root cause of this error could be anything from a bad internet connection to outdated software on your device. In some cases, it might also occur due to issues with Spotify’s servers themselves.

If you’re facing this problem while using Spotify on Windows, then don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! In the next section, we’ll discuss some simple steps that can help fix the Spotify Error code Auth 74 so that you can enjoy uninterrupted music streaming once again!

How to Fix Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows

If you’re a music lover, then Spotify is the perfect platform for you. It’s one of the most popular music streaming services available today. However, like any other software, Spotify can also run into errors and glitches that can be frustrating for users.

– Check Your Firewall Settings

One of the most common reasons why you may encounter Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows is due to your firewall settings. A firewall is a security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. It plays an important role in protecting your computer from unauthorized access, but sometimes it can also prevent Spotify from connecting to its servers.

To check if your firewall is causing the issue, you need to verify that Spotify has been added as an exception or allowed application on your firewall settings. If it’s not listed there, then you should add it manually.

Firstly, navigate to the Control Panel on your computer and click on System and Security. Then select Windows Defender Firewall and click on Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall.

Next, scroll down until you find Spotify on the list of applications installed on your computer. Ensure both public and private networks are checked for each instance of Spotify listed here.

If this doesn’t work, try temporarily disabling your firewall entirely just while opening up spotify once – if this works then re-add spotify back onto allow apps with new rules set (not always necessary).

– Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify

If you’ve tried checking your firewall settings and disabling proxy settings but the Spotify Error code Auth 74 still persists, then it might be time to try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify. This method can help fix any issues with corrupted files or outdated software.

To begin, go to your Control Panel and select “Uninstall a program”. Find Spotify on the list of programs installed on your computer and click “Uninstall”.

After uninstalling Spotify, make sure to clear out any remaining files by going to the following directories:
– %AppData%/Spotify
– %LocalAppData%/Spotify

Once those folders are cleared out, download the latest version of Spotify from their official website. Follow the installation prompts as usual.

After installing, log in to your account and check if the error message still appears. If it does not appear anymore, then congratulations! You have successfully fixed the issue through reinstallation.

Note that this method may result in loss of playlists or saved music so make sure they are backed up before proceeding with this solution.

– Disable Proxy Settings

If you are using a proxy server to connect to the internet, it may interfere with Spotify’s authentication process and trigger Error code Auth 74. To fix this issue, you can disable your proxy settings temporarily or permanently.

To disable proxy settings in Windows, go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings. Uncheck the box for “Use a proxy server for your LAN” if it is selected. Click OK to save changes and restart Spotify.

Alternatively, you can use Command Prompt as an administrator to reset your network configuration and remove any lingering proxies. Type these commands one by one: “netsh winsock reset catalog, netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log, netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log.” Restart your computer after running these commands.

By disabling proxy settings or resetting network adapter, you should be able to resolve Spotify Error code Auth 74 on Windows. If not, try other methods such as uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify or checking firewall exceptions for Spotify.exe file.

– Reset Network Adapter

One of the potential solutions to fix Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows is by resetting your network adapter. This method aims to reset all the network configurations and settings on your computer, which includes clearing out any cache or DNS issues that might cause the error.

To reset your network adapter, you can do it manually through Command Prompt. Simply open Command Prompt as an administrator, type “netsh winsock reset” command and press Enter. Wait for a few minutes until the process is complete before restarting your computer.

Alternatively, you can also use third-party software that offers a one-click solution to reset your network adapter without having to go through Command Prompt manually.

Keep in mind that resetting your network adapter may cause temporary disconnection from the internet while configuring new settings. Once done, try launching Spotify again and see if this solution has resolved the issue.

– Resetting Your Computer’s Host File

Resetting Your Computer’s Host File is another useful method to fix the Spotify Error code Auth 74. A host file is responsible for mapping IP addresses to domain names on your computer. Sometimes, this file may get corrupted and cause errors like the Auth 74 error in Spotify.

To reset your computer’s host file, you need to follow these steps:

1. Press Windows key + R and type “cmd” into the Run box.
2. Right-click Command Prompt and select Run as administrator.
3. In the command prompt window, type “ipconfig /flushdns” without quotes and press Enter.
4. Then type “netsh int ip reset” without quotes and press Enter.
5. Restart your computer.

This process will reset your computer’s DNS cache and TCP/IP settings that could be causing conflicts with Spotify servers resulting in an error code Auth 74.

Resetting your computer’s host file can be a quick solution for fixing the Spotify Error code Auth 74 on Windows computers caused by corrupt or incorrect entries in the hosts’ files that prevent access to certain domains necessary for proper functioning of the app.


Fixing the Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows can be a daunting task, but with the tips and tricks outlined in this article, you can easily resolve this issue. It’s essential to troubleshoot any error that occurs on your computer as it could lead to more significant problems if left unaddressed.

In summary, we have discussed some effective ways of resolving the Spotify Error code Auth 74 in Windows. These include checking your firewall settings, uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, disabling proxy settings, resetting network adapter or resetting your computer’s host file.

If one method doesn’t work for you, you should try another until you find one that works for your system. We hope this guide has been helpful in fixing the Spotify Error code Auth 74 issue on your Windows device so that you can continue enjoying all of its fantastic features without interruption.

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