What does mean Icons and Symbols on Tinder

mean Icons and Symbols on Tinder

What does mean Icons and Symbols on Tinder


Are you new to Tinder and wondering what all those symbols mean? Or maybe you’re a seasoned swiper looking to up your game. Either way, understanding the icons on Tinder can give you insight into how the app works and help you make better matches. In this post, we’ll decode all of the icons and symbols on Tinder so that you can navigate the app like a pro!

Meaning of Tinder profile icons

Rewind Button

One of the most beneficial features on Tinder is the Rewind Button. This feature enables users to undo their previous swipe and gives them a second chance with someone they may have accidentally swiped left on.

The Rewind Button appears as a gray arrow icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It’s important to note that this feature is only available for those who have purchased a premium subscription.

With this feature, users can go back through their swiping history and correct any mistakes they may have made. For example, if you accidentally swiped left on someone who caught your eye, you can simply hit the rewind button and swipe right instead.

This feature adds an extra layer of flexibility to Tinder’s already user-friendly interface. By allowing users to correct accidental swipes or change their minds about potential matches, it provides them with more control over their dating experience.

While not essential for using Tinder successfully, the Rewind Button still remains a valuable tool for those looking for love online.

Red X Symbol

The Red X symbol on Tinder is a clear indication that you’re not interested in the profile of the user displayed on your screen. It’s easy to use and serves as a quick way to move onto the next potential match.

When you swipe left, which means using this symbol, it sends a signal that you don’t have any interest in that person. The red “X” appears when you’ve made your decision, making it simple for users to quickly determine whether they want to proceed or not.

It’s important to note that just because someone gets swiped left doesn’t mean they aren’t attractive or desirable. People have different preferences and tastes, so getting rejected shouldn’t be taken too personally.

In fact, the red X can often be seen as a positive thing since it helps narrow down choices and saves time from going through profiles one-by-one. So if someone swipes left on you, don’t worry! There are plenty of other fish in the sea – or rather…plenty more matches on Tinder!

Blue Star Icon

The Blue Star Icon is one of the most intriguing symbols on Tinder. It’s a symbol that represents a Super Like, which is different from the regular swipe right.

When you use the Super Like feature by pressing the blue star icon, it lets someone know that you’re really interested in them. It sends a notification to their phone and highlights your profile so they can see that you’ve given them a Super Like.

This feature is particularly useful if there’s someone on Tinder who has caught your eye and you want to stand out from other potential matches. Whether it’s because of their charming smile or witty bio, giving them a Super Like could be your chance to make an impression.

However, keep in mind that using this feature too frequently may come off as desperate or insincere. Use it wisely and only when you’re genuinely interested in someone.

The Blue Star Icon adds another layer of intrigue to the already addictive world of online dating.

Green Heart Icon

One of the most important icons on Tinder is the green heart icon. This icon represents a “like” or interest in another user’s profile, indicating that you are open to further conversation and potentially even meeting up with them.

The green heart icon has become synonymous with the app itself, as it serves as a key element of using Tinder. When swiping through profiles, users can tap this icon to show their interest in someone they would like to match with.

When you receive a green heart from another user, it means they have liked your profile and want to initiate contact. This is an exciting moment for many users who feel a sense of validation when receiving likes from potential matches.

It’s important to note that while getting likes is certainly gratifying, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything beyond initial attraction. It’s up to both parties involved to continue the conversation and see if there is mutual chemistry before taking things any further.

The green heart icon plays an integral role in how people use Tinder and connect with others online. Whether you’re looking for love or just some casual fun, this little symbol could be your ticket to finding what you’re after!

Purple Lightning Bolt Icon

The purple lightning bolt icon on Tinder is one of the more mysterious symbols that users might encounter. It’s not immediately clear what this symbol represents, especially for those who are new to using the app.

But fear not! We’re here to shed some light on the meaning behind this enigmatic icon. The purple lightning bolt actually denotes a “boost” feature that users can activate in order to increase their visibility and get more matches.

When you use a boost, your profile will be shown to potential matches more frequently than normal for a limited period of time. This can be a helpful tool if you want to increase your chances of finding someone special, especially if you feel like your profile isn’t getting as much attention as it deserves.

To activate a boost, simply tap the purple lightning bolt icon and follow the prompts. Keep in mind that boosts do cost money, but they can be well worth it if they help you find your perfect match!

Up Arrow

The “Up Arrow” icon on Tinder is one of the most intriguing symbols. This symbol allows users to super like someone’s profile, which means they will see that you’re interested in them even before they swipe right on your profile.

The Up Arrow can only be used once per day, but it’s a powerful tool for making an impression on someone you’re really interested in. When you super like someone, a blue banner with the person’s name and Up Arrow icon will appear on their screen when they come across your profile.

It shows that you’ve taken extra effort to show your interest and stand out from other potential matches. Users can also find out who has super liked them by looking at their list of potential matches.

Using the Up Arrow may seem like a small gesture, but it can make a big difference in getting noticed and starting conversations with people who catch your eye.

Red Down Arrow

The Red Down Arrow is an icon commonly seen on Tinder. It’s often used to denote a dislike, implying that the user is not interested in someone they have been shown.

The feature was added to help users make decisions faster by providing them with more options for expressing their preferences without having to go through each profile individually.

When you use this feature, you’re essentially telling the app that you don’t want to see that person again. This helps improve your matches by showing you profiles of people who are more likely to be a good match for you, based on your previous interactions and feedback.

It’s important not to overuse this feature as it may lead to continuous rejections which can affect your account negatively. However, if used wisely and sparingly, it can be a great way of refining your dating pool and finding better matches.

While the Red Down Arrow may seem like a harsh gesture at first glance, it plays an essential role in helping users find compatible partners quickly and efficiently.

Meaning of Tinder App Symbols

Tinder Logo Icon

The Tinder logo icon is easily recognizable as the flame symbol. It’s the first thing you see when you open the app and it signifies that you’re ready to start swiping.

Search Feed

The Search Feed on Tinder is a feature that allows users to customize their search preferences according to age, gender, and location. This means that you can set your desired parameters for potential matches and view profiles based on those specifications.

The Search Feed is accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can adjust your filters and browse through a list of compatible matches. The results will show profile pictures along with basic information such as name, age, and bio.

Using the Search Feed can be a great way to find matches who fit specific criteria that are important to you. It’s also an efficient way to sift through potential matches without having to swipe through every profile individually.

Keep in mind that while using this feature may increase your chances of finding someone who meets your standards, it’s important not to limit yourself too much. Sometimes unexpected connections happen outside of our comfort zones!

Gold Star

The Gold Star icon on Tinder is a special feature available to users who are subscribed to the app’s premium service, Tinder Gold. This icon appears next to someone’s name in your match list when they have already liked you and you haven’t swiped right yet.

The Gold Star enables users to view their likes before swiping through potential matches. This means that with Tinder Gold, one can see who has already shown interest in them and decide whether or not they want to match with those individuals.

Moreover, the Gold Star allows users to access other advanced features such as unlimited swipes, rewind options for undoing accidental left-swipes, five super-likes per day and one boost every month. These features make it easier for subscribers to find more compatible matches quickly.

The Tinder Gold subscription offers several valuable benefits including the coveted Gold Star icon which is an excellent tool for anyone looking for more control over their dating experience on Tinder.

Speech Bubble

The speech bubble icon on Tinder is an important one. It represents the messaging feature of the app, allowing you to connect and communicate with your matches.

When you tap on this icon, it takes you directly to your messages section where all your conversations are stored. You can easily see who has messaged you and read through your conversations.

The speech bubble also allows for easy communication with new matches. Once you match with someone, simply tap on their profile and start sending messages back and forth.

Messaging is a crucial aspect of Tinder as it allows users to get to know each other better before deciding if they want to take things further. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation using the speech bubble icon – it could lead to something great!

Human Icon

The human icon on Tinder might seem self-explanatory, but it actually has a few different meanings. For starters, it’s the symbol you click on to access your profile and settings. But when you see this icon next to someone else’s name or in their profile photo, it means they’ve verified their account through Tinder’s verification process.

This verification process involves providing Tinder with a selfie that matches the photos in their profile, as well as some other personal information like phone number and email address. The purpose of this feature is to help users feel more secure knowing they’re matching with real people rather than bots or catfishers.

In addition to being a mark of authenticity, the human icon can also serve as an icebreaker for conversations. If you notice someone has the verified badge on their profile, you could use that as a conversation starter by asking them how they got verified or complimenting them for taking extra steps to ensure safety.

While the human icon may be small and seemingly insignificant at first glance, its presence can indicate important aspects of both user experience and security within the app.

What Tinder Symbols Mean Next to Name

Gold Diamond Symbol

The Gold Diamond Symbol is a relatively new addition to Tinder’s collection of icons and symbols. This icon appears when you have unlocked the feature called “Likes You”. With this feature, you can see who has already liked your profile before swiping left or right on their profiles.

When you subscribe to Tinder Gold, which is a paid subscription, you get access to this feature along with other added benefits such as unlimited likes, five super likes per day and one boost per month. The gold diamond symbol indicates that someone has already liked your profile.

If you are interested in knowing who liked your profile first without having to swipe through profiles endlessly, then subscribing to Tinder Gold might be worth it for you. It saves time and makes searching for potential matches more efficient.

The Gold Diamond Symbol helps users prioritize their swipes and focus on people they know have expressed interest in them beforehand. Knowing that someone has already shown interest in your profile can increase confidence while using the app.

The Gold Diamond Symbol may not be essential for everyone but could prove useful for those looking to streamline their experience on Tinder.

Gold Heart

The Gold Heart icon on Tinder is one of the most sought-after symbols by users. It represents a Super Like, which is essentially an indication that you’re really interested in someone’s profile.

When you send a Super Like to someone, your profile will appear with a blue border around it and they’ll be notified of your interest immediately. This can set you apart from the competition and increase your chances of matching with that person.

However, it’s important to use Super Likes sparingly as sending too many might come off as desperate or insincere. So make sure you only use them when you truly feel a strong connection with someone.

Having said that, if someone sends you a Super Like, don’t hesitate to swipe right if their profile piques your interest. You never know where things could lead!

Blue Checkmark

One of the symbols on Tinder that you might come across is the blue checkmark. This icon signifies that a user’s account has been verified by Tinder, meaning that they are who they claim to be.

While not all users have a blue checkmark next to their name, it can provide an added level of authenticity and trust when swiping through profiles. It also serves as a way for high-profile individuals or public figures to prove their identity on the app.

However, it’s important to note that just because someone has a blue checkmark doesn’t necessarily mean they are trustworthy or safe. Always exercise caution when interacting with other users on dating apps and never share personal information until you feel comfortable doing so.

The blue checkmark on Tinder can serve as an added layer of security for users while browsing profiles.

Green Dot Icon

The Green Dot Icon on Tinder is one of the most interesting symbols you will encounter. This icon signifies that a user is currently active or online, which means they are more likely to respond to your messages promptly.

When you see a green dot next to someone’s name, it means they’re actively using the app at that moment. This information can be helpful if you’re looking for someone to chat with right now or if you want to know when your matches are most active.

It’s worth noting that even if someone doesn’t have a green dot next to their name, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not active on Tinder. They may still receive your message and reply later when they have time.

The Green Dot Icon can also help you determine whether someone is interested in chatting with you or not. If the person has been online recently but hasn’t responded to your message, it could indicate disinterest or lack of attraction.

The Green Dot Icon provides valuable insights into user activity and engagement levels on Tinder. So keep an eye out for this symbol as you swipe through potential matches!

What do Tinder Icons Mean on Messaging section?

Blue Video Camera Icon

The Blue Video Camera Icon on Tinder is one of the most popular symbols used to represent video chat. This feature was introduced in 2020 as part of Tinder’s response to the pandemic, which made it difficult for people to meet up in person.

When two users have matched and both have opted into using video chat, a blue camera icon will appear next to their match name. To initiate a call, simply tap the icon and wait for your match to answer.

One advantage of using the Blue Video Camera Icon is that it allows you to get to know your matches better before meeting them in real life. It also adds an extra layer of security since you can verify that you are talking with the person whose profile you matched with.

However, it’s important to exercise caution when using this feature and never share personal information until you’ve built trust with your match. As always, stay safe while swiping!

Blue Shield Icon

The Blue Shield Icon on Tinder is one of the most important symbols that you will come across while swiping. This icon indicates that the person you are viewing has verified their profile with Tinder.

Verification helps to verify a user’s identity and makes them more trustworthy in the eyes of other users. It also helps to reduce fake profiles and scammers on the app.

To get verified, users need to take a selfie in real-time, matching it with their existing profile picture. Once they pass this verification test, they receive a blue checkmark next to their name as well as the Blue Shield Icon on their profile.

If you see this symbol while swiping right or left, it means that the user is genuine and serious about finding love or making connections through Tinder. So if safety and security is your top priority when using dating apps, then look out for this symbol!

Blue Double Check Mark Icon

The blue double checkmark icon in chat is an indication that your message has been delivered and read by the recipient. It is a feature of some messaging services, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Heart Icon

The heart icon in chat is typically used to indicate that you like or appreciate a message or comment. In some cases, clicking the heart icon may be used to send a quick response of appreciation instead of typing out a reply.


To sum up, understanding the icons and symbols on Tinder can go a long way in helping you navigate the dating app with ease. From swiping right to using Super Likes, these small images play a significant role in your experience on the platform.

Whether it’s deciding to rewind or pass on someone through their profile picture or showing interest by sending a Super Like, each icon carries specific meaning that can be useful for users seeking meaningful connections.

By learning what these symbols mean and how they function within Tinder’s interface, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about who you match with and potentially start an exciting new relationship.

So next time you open up your Tinder profile, take some time to familiarize yourself with these icons – You never know when they might come in handy!

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